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“I’m not a lawyer.  There are times I wish I was one – a good one.  In the past, we had to make do with other lawyers and expert witnesses being on the side of developing the great and important lands left on the Chesapeake Shores.  Now those standing up to inappropriate developments have a legal team to turn to, and more than a chance with the Chesapeake Legal Alliance."

Mike Shay
Front Line Community Organizer
SACReD: South Arundel Citizens for Responsible Development


“As a lawyer and a Riverkeeper, I have long believed that additional legal muscle was needed to back up the efforts of community groups and riverkeepers working to protect the Bay and its tributaries.  I am thrilled that CLA has taken the lead in empowering citizens with the same high quality legal firepower that the industries they challenge have enjoyed."

Fred Kelly
Severn Riverkeeper


"The creation of the Chesapeake Legal Alliance is helping to level the playing field.  By connecting community organizations with first rate legal talent willing to donate their time, CLA empowers community organizations in their efforts to protect their communities and the Bay."

Robert Gallagher
West/Rhode Riverkeeper, Inc.


“Chesapeake Legal Alliance’s presence represents a “game changer” for the protection of our environmental resources.  For too long, concerned citizens and environmental advocates have taken on well-heeled development attorneys with nothing more than a shoe-string budget and good intentions.  The expertise the Alliance brings to those fights levels the playing field.”

Erik Michelsen
Executive Director
South River Federation


"American Chestnut Land Trust is extremely grateful for the assistance provided by the Chesapeake Legal Alliance.  We applaud their efforts to contribute to important cases impacting the Chesapeake Bay.  It is so important that small land conservation organizations like ACLT and environmental organizations throughout the watershed have a place that they can turn to for legal assistance.  The need is great and their contribution is significant.”

Karen H. Edgecombe
Executive Director
American Chestnut Land Trust


"Legal advice is essential to our organization of local civic activists who fight to protect the Bay.  We grapple with real estate developers' proposals and governmental procedures whose mind-numbing complexity can easily lull citizens into acceptance and, eventually, apathy.  We are very grateful that CLA has referred us to attorneys who help us understand and work through the issues.  Backed by good legal guidance, our voice is heard, loud and clear.  And a bit more of the Bay is protected."

Gwenn Azama
Save Your Annapolis Neck (a joint-committee of the Annapolis Neck Peninsula Federation and the South River Federation)

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