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CLA quoted in April 2016 Bay Journal Article

April 13, 2016

CLA’s Matt Henjum is quoted in the front page story in the April Bay Journal on sediment and erosion control. This program is administered at the county level, and is an important part of the state WIPs. While this story focuses on MD, the issue is Bay-wide. Matt has been working with others, through the Chesapeake Enforcement Network, to identify opportunities for reducing runoff from construction sites and other exposed locations, and urge counties to reprogram their resources to step up inspections and enforcement. This is a big opportunity to significantly address one of the most serious Bay pollution problems - contaminated sediment runoff - using existing legal requirements.

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The Chesapeake Bay and Agricultural Pollution ~ an article from the Abell Foundation

December 16, 2015

The Chesapeake Bay and Agricultural Pollution
The Abell Foundation - Working To Enhance The Quality Of Life In Baltimore And In Maryland

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“Using Law to Restore the Chesapeake” an article by Ridgway Hall

December 9, 2015

“Using Law to Restore the Chesapeake” by Ridgway Hall
Ridgway Hall is Vice Chair of the Chesapeake Legal Alliance

Included is a sidebar from Nick DiPasquale, the EPA’s Chesapeake Bay Program Director

CLICK HERE for a great article written by Ridge Hall, CLA Vice Chair, in ELI’s Environmental Forum, Jan/Feb 2016 edition.  The article is about the EPA’s Bay TMDL - the most important clean-up plan for the Chesapeake Bay.  The vast Chesapeake Bay and its watershed include the largest estuary in the country. Efforts to restore its vastly degraded water quality involve a commensurately large response by the Bay States, the federal Environmental Protection Agency, local governments, and the public. 

*Reprinted by permission from The Environmental Forum*

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Big Party for the Chesapeake TMDL Appeal

November 6, 2014

The Farm Bureau Federation’s appeal of the favorable TMDL decision (Sept. 2013) was appealed to the 3rd Circuit. This has generated national interest, and a flurry of amicus briefs on both sides.  Russ Stevenson and Ridge Hall, with substantial input from Bob Sussman, filed an amicus brief for the City of Annapolis.  Oral argument is set for Nov. 18.

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Large Tree Removal Requires Showing of Unwarranted Hardship

October 29, 2014

Under the Maryland Forest Conservation Act (FCA), in order to remove a specimen tree (of 30 inches or more diameter) from a property, property owners must be granted a variance. A variance from the FCA’s requirements may only be granted if the applicant demonstrates that retaining the tree would result in “unwarranted hardship.”  The FCA applies generally to developments of approximately 1 acre and above.

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